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Structure of Intellect (SOI)      

Discover Your Learning & Career Potential

   The SOI assessment is a great way to enhance learning abilities and avoid learning problems. It is an assessment with a unique follow-up of personalized, brain-building materials & suggestions. It is a diagnostic test of how each person processes information. The grade 3-adult “CR” test tests 27 different abilities, the grades K-3 “L” tests 11 abilities, & there is a pre-K-grade 1 Learning Readiness test as well. SOI pinpoints our strengths and weaknesses in several different types of comprehension, memory, problem-solving, evaluation, & creativity. Valuable vision processing & auditory memory screeners are included as well. Marcia adds a few mini pre-screenings for reading, sensory integration, and Irlen as well, at no extra charge.

   Depending on the individual’s profile, the follow-up may include: a personalized workbook of brain-building modules, a vision processing enrichment workbook and CD-Rom, multi-learning style materials for building reading comprehension & vocabulary, math concepts, memory, following directions, evaluation, problem-solving, & more. there are ecommended games, activities, and teaching methods also. 

   The SOI points out best career fits & strategies to make those fits stronger.  SOI can be very helpful in sorting out learning difficulties, and may lead to referrals to other specialists as well. In effectively pinpointing needs & ways to immediately begin overcoming or reducing the deficits, many students begin to avoid the frustrations and stigma usually associated with learning problems. A wonderful tool for those of all ages, SOI helps us know our own best learning styles, & how to use our own strengths to strengthen our less developed abilities.

     WHAT IF students had the benefit of STARTING OUT their 12+ school years with SOI and NEVER falling behind at all?? It makes perfect sense that if SOI is able to help struggling students normalize and blossom and succeed academically, behaviorally, and socially, that integrating SOI into a curriculum that meets national standards of core curriculum would be wonderful. That is exactly what the new Certified Learning elementary curriculum is all about!

Marcia Davis, M. A.

SOI Associate & Trainer     Salem, Oregon


SOI is making a difference!

    Building upon the cognitive testing developed in the 1940’s by Dr. J.P. Guilford for career success, Drs Mary and Robert Meeker adapted the assessments for all types of students, and then developed the  wonderful SOI follow-up brain building materials to reach those of all learning styles. SOI is now making a difference in many schools, vocational rehabilitation centers, correctional centers, and businesses in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and worldwide. The full SOI program, SOI-IPP, such as at Positive Learning Solutions–with both the cognitive training & SOI’s patented vision/sensory motor/auditory program. is in many of these sites. Results have been:
*Significantly improved student body test scores
 *Increased reading fluency in children, teens, and adults
 *Reduced on-campus crime
 *Documented increases in over 20 IQ points (using WISC and other tests)
*Advancement of students to higher grade levels

SOI Brings Math Success
   A homeschooled boy had been described by a few experts as a gifted student with some learning & attention problems. Indeed by the beginning of 6th grade his reading comprehension & knowledge of history & science were 2-3 grade levels above the norm. Yet he continued to struggle with spelling first grade words, & his math was one grade below level (his math computation CAT score was 26% at the end of 3rd grade, 43% at the end of 5th grade).
    He took the SOI assessment, which pinpointed unusually low scores in every symbolic processing area in spite of high reading scores. He did SOI modules, the SOI Memory Kit, & SOI MathPrep during 6th & 7th grades. His 8th grade math computation score on the CTBS test was 87%! He went on to public high school in grade level & honors classes. He then went on to college on a scholarship.

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