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Some of the most highly creative  and intelligent people are among those who struggle with dysintegral issues. These are: dyslexia (affecting reading, writing, and/or spelling), dyspraxia (affecting balance and coordination), dyscalculia (affecting math abilities), and dysgraphia (poor handwriting). These individuals often have a high level of visual and spatial creativity or athletic ability, and tend to be hands-on learners. Thus a more creative, hands-on learning style often can unlock learning abilities when traditional classroom methods don’t seem to work. Marcia has found some resources and styles of teaching that right-brained learners seem to enjoy. It is simply finding each person’s best learning style to bridge the learning gap.
   SOI and other learning resources created for predominantly figural  (visual-spatial, hands-on) learners are making a tremendous difference in overcoming learning problems. These multi-sensory methods are woven into the SOI personalized follow-up plans. Sequencing abilities, letter and word recognition, reading and math comprehension, the ability to remember and follow directions, overcoming test anxiety, organizational skills, and focusing and attention abilities are improved with the individualized follow-up plans at Positive Learning Solutions.
     One huge key to successful reading is phonemic awareness. The SOI auditory programs here at Positive Learning Solutions are very successful in improving auditory processing. Then, as they are able, I add phonics into their personalized program– with very positive results.  
     The Irlen Method–either Irlen Spectral Filters worn as glasses, or the students’ chosen colored overlay(s), or both, are in a number of cases found to be a critical “piece of the puzzle” for students with reading struggles. Color does not take the place of reading instruction, but removes the perceptual barriers to learning, with often immediate, measurable improvements in visual tracking, word recognition, and reading comprehension.

Marcia Davis, M.A.

Personalized tutoring
Salem, Oregon

Reading Successes:
  *A third-grader enjoys his increased reading skills and confidence with his personalized tutoring. Shown is SOI auditory training, part of his program.

              *A friendly, imaginative, & very   distractible 16 year old high schooler wanted to begin reading tutoring. He was reading at the first to second grade level in special placement classes. After 1 month of reading tutoring 1 to 1-1/2 hours weekly, he was beginning to read at the 3rd grade level (with the help of an individualized reading approach and an Irlen colored overlay for reading). He also began to do several SOI modules for judgment and organization, Belgau balance enrichment, and some working with clay. He continued 1 hour weekly reading and doing SOI  modules. After three years, he became known for his mature daily choices and responsible attitudes at home, school, and at his job. And his favorite books to read were now science textbooks–at the 6th to 7th grade levels! 

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