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Hope for learning problems…

* Is your child struggling in reading, writing, or math, but showing talent in different ways?

* Does your child have difficulty focusing, remembering, or following directions?

 * Are you frustrated because of the lack of encouraging answers as to what can be done to help?

* Are you at a crossroads in life trying to decide what career path to take?

   At Positive Learning Solutions we offer hope. After pinpointing strengths, weaknesses, unique learning styles and perceptual processing deficits, the student or adult can permanently build up weak areas and begin to experience a new success. 

   The learning interventions here at PositiveLearning Solutions had its beginnings with years of seeking information and specialized training by some of the best researchers and developers of educational intervention available, in order to help my own homeschooled children and their unique needs. It is mostly non-traditional tutoring–better put as brain-building tutoring, educational therapy, and accelerated learning. It is a very personalized approach, and as you can see from some of the client responses, we have experienced some cases of profound successes. I hope this site can be an encouragement for many who are seeking the best answers and help for their children and themselves.

   I always prefer to begin with the StructureofIntellect (SOI) Assessment of Learning Abilities (ages 5 to adult) . It serves as a road map, so to speak, to facilitate any educational or career guidance. SOI is a diagnostic test of the 27 most needed learning abilities needed for school or any career. Perceptual processing difficulties (involving the brain, vision and hearing) are often detected, and further sorting out and pinpointing what can be strengthened comes as a result of the SOI test. Then the SOI-IPP assessment of sensory-motor, focusing, andauditory skills gives a more complete road map of fun exercises that help the learner ovecome dysintegral issues that often hinder learning and/or career stability. See more about SOI-IPP on the Sensory Integration page.

   The Irlen Method is often a huge piece of the puzzle in helping a struggling student or adult. Read more about the colorful  interventions that often make a life-changing difference for many people on the Irlen page

Personalized tutoring, including Dyslexia tutoring methods that reflect an individual’s strengths and unique learning styles, are also done here as part of an individualized plan to build strengths (see the Dyslexia and more page).

 At-home solutions include Balametrics, a personalized SOI distance follow-up plan, dyslexiaresources, and The Listening Program.  

   I have been licensed, certified, and/or highly trained by each of these companies that are making such a positive difference in struggling students and adults worldwide. The results of these fine resources and personalized approaches have changed the course of my family, as well as many other students, adults, and their families. Besides my private practice since 2000, I have spent 6 years using these interventions with at-risk juveniles, with very positive results. I am thankful to God for the opportunity to be doing such a rewarding service, and am dedicated to helping students, adults, and their families experience learning asuccess.

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Marcia Davis. M.A.

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A Grateful Mom’s Letter:

     My daughter has been   tutoring with Marcia Davis for several years & has made amazing and drastic improvement in her schoolwork. We had our daughter home schooled by Marcia for a year, and in that time she went from D’s in English and Math to A’s & B’s.   I attribute this wonderful change to Marcia & her        
different methods of teaching.
She looks at the “whole” child & not just one aspect. Marcia found that our daughter is a visual learner, needed some vision therapy, has Scotopic Sensitivity (Irlen Syndrome), & has some dyslexia. With the different approaches that Marcia uses she was able to help with our daughter’s different learning challenges. I can’t say that one approach was the reason for the improvements, it was the combination: SOI, balance board, Irlen overlays, & the working with clay for dyslexia. Our daughter has also been able to overcome some anxiety problems she was developing because of Marcia’s help with her schoolwork. Marcia was able to see that our daughter had special gifts & worked on these gifts to help our daughter bloom into being able to succeed in her schoolwork & to develop the self-confidence she needs to be successful in life. It is hard for me to find the words to express how impressed I am with Marcia’s work and with her personally. Marcia is passionate about her work & it shows. She deeply cares about the youth she works with too… I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Marcia & her teaching methods. If you would ever like to speak to me personally, you may get my phone # from Marcia, & I’d be happy to talk with you.
Silverton, Oregon  

** 2 1/2 years after Cathy’s daughter began the program she was retested (shortly after this letter was written). Her scores in Language arts had more than doubled! 

** Note from Cathy, December 2010- My daughter will be graduating from Gonzaga University in June with honors! Thank you!!!

** In spite of the low grades and high anxiety levels when this young lady began at Positive learning Solutions, there was a small hint of hidden giftedness in her first writing sample. 
There are many more struggling students who are full of hidden talents and potential also.We are thankful for these tools which can help each one begin to blossom and thrive!

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